Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Power Over The Chill of Death

On 2-14-14 I dreamt I was on a job as an electrician with my present work supplier. There were 2 other electricians working on the job who were really sloppy in their work and had cut holes in the wall were an electrical plug box should go that were hacked and sloppy. I was walking thru the house which had fancy lights and it turned into a commercial display store which also had furniture they were selling. I remember a very tall table and chairs and the hanging lights at this table were almost hitting the head of the people who were sitting in the chairs contemplating buying them.

Then another electrician came in and fixed the sloppy work from the other electricians and the place was finished of roughing in the wiring accept for a few circuits. Then I went into a lower level of the place and a former employer was there repairing some industrial equipment. I accidentally hit some machinery equipment and the machine turned on and began to move. I didn't know what to do to turn it off and the machinery was coming towards me. I was afraid it would crush me. Someone then turned it off.

Then I was lead outside into the city streets. It was my old home of Philadelphia. It was a very busy bussing center and there were a lot of dark people. I was a bit frightful, being around a culture and people I was not used to. I was attempting to sit down in a chair and a dark man was there. I apologized for disturbing his seating and he asked me for some spare change. I said “sure bro” and gave him some change. I had a little change left and was concerned that I had enough for the bus. I felt for my wallet and it was missing. I then had fear and dread come over me. Then I felt for it again and it was there and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I was wondering how to get to my destination (or home) because I didn't know where I was, but knew what question to ask for what place to go, so I proceeded to look for a bus driver who would tell me what bus to catch to get there. As I did this, I wondered thru the busing area a bit before I could find a bus driver. When I saw one coming, it was a dark lady driving the bus, but suddenly, the bus turned into a white lady with blonde hair on a horse. The horse had fallen with the lady on it and immediately, the horse and lady on it sprang up from the fall, but then fell back to the ground again and as they fell back to the ground again I could see the lady's leg broken all the way thru, by the shin.

I then went to her rescue to help her and she lay on some grass unable to walk because of the broken leg. I immediately went to this girl who had fallen off the horse and another gentleman had come to her as well who was wearing army colored clothing. I began to pray to lay my hands on her and pray healing for her leg. The girl was going into shock and starting to shrivel to keep warm. The other guy there with the army clothes had turned into death and I commanded death to leave and with some fuss and rebuke, he left. I then woke up out of the dream just out of that scene with rebuking death and then awake, was consciously still rebuking death and a sudden wave of physical chills had left me as I rebuked death. I could feel the chills in a wave depart from my physical body, as though the chills had represented death, as a God given, physically manifested sign of backing this dream.


My being an electrician on the job is being one who is installing of spiritual light. The other workers who had come in, who's work was really sloppy are other Christians who's spiritual work was unsatisfactory to the Lord and they failed to pay attention to detail and where spiritually as hacks. The electrical boxes they had cut into the plywood walls with a saw zaw had big gaps where a cover plate could not hide the gaps they had cut. The damage to the walls is a testament to their damaging the witness of Jesus.

The house that had turned into a commercial display is the church. She was once a home for saints, but has now turned into a commercial institution of selling furnishings. The furniture I saw was a very tall table and chairs with the lights almost hitting their head. This is the church furnishing height to heaven and getting people closer to the light of God. The people contemplating buying the furnishings of the church are the souls of people who are trying the church, but are just commercial shoppers and not committed builders. So it is with many Christians today.

The electrician who came in and fixed the sloppy work of the other electricians is a fellow worker in Christ, who got it right in the gospel and corrected the mistakes made who also helped finish the wiring. So too, in God's house (the church) are good faithful workers, but also sloppy workers who cause damage to the souls of others with their religious works. They are as hacks, insensitive and not paying attention to detail.

Going into the lower level of the building and seeing the industrial equipment is that part of the church who's foundation is an industrial institution and structured as such . A part of her has become a commercialized institution with its structure made for its own works and machinery. My accidentally turning on some industrial equipment is my relationship to this part of the church. I don't know here operations and machinery and am not relating to it because she is not structured and building properly.

Being in the bus station is about my destiny, calling and plans God has with me. The bus station is the area of catching the right bus to our destination. We are in darkness until we catch the right bus and know where we are going. My attempt to sit down in a chair represents resting at the bus station; God showing me, there is no time for that and to be always on the move to seek out what that bus of destiny is. The guy in the chair asking for spare change shows the spiritual poverty of one who sits in such a chair of procrastination, when they should be on their feet looking for that God destined bus of high calling in Christ.

In the dream, the dark people at the bus station were not moving much, but were hanging out at the bus station. The people being dark, speaks of their spiritual condition when entertaining the procrastination and not praying and seeking God for how they are to serve him.

I had a bit of fear, being in that place of searching and gave away some money to the person in that chair of procrastination because of fear. Fear is an emotion that many saints go thru in that dark place of not knowing what their destiny or calling is, being in a strange place and in a culture and a people who are not the same. My fear had caused me to loose some bus money and to give away some of this exchange in sponsorship of one who was in procrastination. We should never think it is love to support one who is in the chair of procrastination, but at the same time, we need to support those who have not yet found their destination in Christ. With humility, we need to speak correction, life, destiny and purpose to them, so they will get out of that chair of procrastination and move onto finding the bus of their high calling in Christ.

My feeling for my wallet and it not being there is a fear of not having provision to board the bus of destination. My feeling for it again and it being there is a financial recovery for me personally, but also a second effort we should all take to make sure the provision is safe and secured for the destination. Never operate out of presumption. When God gives the vision, he will bring the provision. When seeking for the right bus, he will give it to us.

My not knowing where I was is the state of many of us. We should never let the present state keep us from seeking our future state. Even though I didn't know where I was, I knew where I was to go and what question to ask and that's what's most important to keep in focus. Proceeding to look for a bus driver to ask these questions was the time that sometimes goes by in seeking that calling or destiny out. Don't let time stop you from continually seeking, asking and knocking. The answer will come.

My seeing a bus driver and then it turning into a lady on a horse who had a fall is of the future still to come. For others, it may be something they've already gone thru, but this is speaking to me personally of my future calling. I believe that lady with the blonde hair on the horse is California who will experience events that are going to break her leg and send her into shock. I'm speaking the California tsunami, then mega quake that will throw her off the horse, break her leg and send her into shock. The horse's attempt to get back up from the fall then fall again will be California's fate. This is the bus of destiny I'm dealing with personally, to minister to the people (the woman) of California who are going to face brokenness and shock from what's to come.

The guy who had army colored clothing is the military who will come to help California's many wounded and displaced people, and a short time of ministry will take place, to heal those broken, but soon after these events, death will come to this land and to much of our armed forces. As Christians we have power over death. This was represented by me rebuking death and it fleeing.

In several of these dreams, God has backed them with physically manifested signs and getting chills leaving me in a sudden wave of rebuking death is he backing this dream with a physically manifested sign.

Father Yah

I rejoice that in Christ alone, our names are written in the Lamb's book of life and that we have power over death. Thank you for this dream as a reminder that we should never sit in the seat of procrastination when it comes to our destiny and calling in life, but to seek it out to get there with all our hearts.

Father, those who are hacks inside your church, I pray they would learn humility and to correctly represent you in the work of the gospel. I pray everyone who comes here to read would do some serious spiritual inventory and you would reveal to them personally what needs to change. Give them true wisdom from above. Turn your church from commercialism to community. Turn her from the industry of her own works to what you have called her to be, a true home for the saints and not a place of funishings and machinery that a part of her has become.

Father, help us in our personal calling, to catch the right bus, to ask the right questions, to seek out the bus and not be satisfied until we find that calling and spiritual work to which you have called us to. Let us never entertain the chair of procrastination, but to be diligent in all things and in all detail of not our work, but your work in us. Amen